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The German Institution of Arbitration (DIS) is a registered association for the promotion of national and international arbitration.

The DIS offers administrated arbitral proceedings pursuant to the DIS Arbitration Rules and other procedures of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). It regularly organizes conferences and seminars for the further training of legal practitioners and other interested persons and publishes various publications on German and international arbitration law.


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Our domain dis-arb.de has expired on 23rd July, 2015. Please be informed that the website has moved to www.disarb.org and all email addresses have changed on 23rd July 2015. To ensure smooth transition, we will preserve both the new and the old domain name for some time, nevertheless we should be grateful if you could update your records and use the new addresses as of 23rd July 2015. For any inquiries, in particular if you need the email address of a staff member, please contact us at welcome@disarb.org or +49-30-417070700 or +49-221-285520.

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